PRGN_CUST – Customizing Entries

The PRGN_CUST tables contains entries for a number of switches which can affect the default behavior of various security transactions. To move away from the default behavior, we need to create the entries for the switches with the appropriate values. The list of allowed entries keep on changing depending on the version of SAP being used. Hence, the best way to find the allowed list of values for your system is to open up the table in SM30 and try to enter a new entry. A search for the possible entries will display the allowed entries and also the SAP notes which describe their use.

The screen below, gives some of the possible entries for a system on SAP R/3 4.7.

PRGN_CUST - List of possible entries
PRGN_CUST - List of possible entries

5 Replies to “PRGN_CUST – Customizing Entries”

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the expression. But a query.
    How do we exactly know more details about these entries lets say values maintained/checks enabled etc. if at all.

    for eg.ASSIGN_ROLE_AUTH: what checks are enabled or other such details about this switch. how do we get to know that.


  2. Hey,

    can you also let me know how to get this switch enabled. Coz currently the table shows blank output i.e. cant see any switch active.

    1. You need to open the table in SM30/SM31 and create the entries you need. By default the table is empty and the system behaves as per default values.

  3. Thanks for such an informative post, my confusion or lack of clarity is about blank table and default values. As the screen shot shows in the post there are default values for switches. So if the table is empty, then do we really need to make a new entry with value = default value ? since the table is blank should the system check automatically assume default value ?

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