Mass Changes – eCATT

SECATT - Initial Screen

ECATT, SECATT or CATT has been a popular method with security consultants to automate various tasks. Its not the only tool used for automation and can be considered to be another option available in our arsenal. Till date I have purposely refrained from adding any post about SECATT as almost everything that you can do via SECATT can be done via LSMW which has been already mentioned on the site. Also, documentation around SECATT is fairly ubiquitous on the internet and I did not think that adding the same information here will make any difference. Recently however, I came to use another feature of the ECATT tool which is not as popular among us security consultants and which can actually let us do things which couldn’t do as easily before. So here goes the first post for the new year…. and Happy New Year 2014 for everyone. May this year be better than the last. Continue reading “Mass Changes – eCATT”