Creating Users and Groups in CMC

Like most other SAP applications, BOBJ uses a Role Based Access Control Mechanism. To assign roles or rights to a user, a user account needs to be created in CMC. Further users can be assigned to user groups and rights assigned to user groups. Assigning rights to groups is a much better option as it leads to much lesser maintenance than assigning rights to individual users.  We can create users or user groups by navigating to the “Users and Groups” area of the CMC. Continue reading “Creating Users and Groups in CMC”

Happy New Year 2013

Happy new year to all visitors for my blog. Hope you have a great year ahead! I am starting a new series of posts on SAP Business Objects Security. My new year’s resolution is to get them completed by the end of the year.

Introduction to BOBJ

Till a few years back Business Objects used to be a company whose products were used in many enterprise reporting applications. A few years back the compnay was taken over by SAP and incorporated into a large number of existing SAP products. Right now, SAP Business Objects, BO or BOBJ is the frontend reporting component of choice for SAP. Though BOBJ is largely used as the frontend for SAP BW, BOBJ reports can also be integrated with  GRC, GTS, BPC and even ECC. BOBJ can also be used to directly query SAP and non SAP databases. I have been trying to become more familiar with the security features of the BOBJ product suite as a large number of companies are increasingly using BOBJ for their frontend reporting instead of relying on the features of BEX Analyzer. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be too many online reources available to learn BOBJ security on our own. Hence this new thread on BOBJ security. Continue reading “Introduction to BOBJ”