HR Processes and Forms

Select an Employee for a Process

A growing tendency of HR departments around the world has been to decentralize the maintenance of HR data. So instead of one major services department handling the data for the entire organisation, we are moving towards a situation where each department has its own HR representative who owns the data for the department’s employees. Even for organisations using a shared services model for HR, the trend is to simplify data entry procedures so that even HR analysts with limited exposure to SAP transactions can get their jobs done efficiently. It was from this need to simplify the user interface for users that SAP came up with the concept of HR processes and forms. The technology is based on Adobe forms and as such more intuitive for a beginning user than SAP transaction. To a large extent, a process maps to a HR action like hire, transfer, retire. Each process in turn is tied to one or more forms which the HR administrator fills up with data. There is provision to do data validation during the submission of the forms to ensure that data entered make sense. Workflows can be configured so that on submission of the forms, the process is routed to one or more level of approvals before the action actually comes into effect. Most processes are exposed to end users through portal links. Before looking at the security aspects of a process, lets first look at how a process would look like to a HR Administrator. Continue reading “HR Processes and Forms”